Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

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It’s almost there. Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I can tell you some shops have gone all out this year to make sure they up their sales. My fiancé and I don’t really take part in that day. We like to think we can celebrate our love and relationship any and every other day of the year, without feeling the urge/obligation to hop into the commercial craziness of February, 14th.
This gift guide will hopefully inspire you, or help you find an idea to spoil your other half this year, whether it is on V Day or not.
There are different type of guys, and different personalities too. I’m not trying to make a cliché out of every “man category” here, but I thought it was a funny way to organise the different types of presents in this post.

valentines february gift ideas present for him

The Gamer

We all know that guy, and if you have no idea what to buy him, I got you covered with those two gems. You could either go all out, if you have the budget and get him the Nintendo Switch, or find out what’s the latest trendy game he wants, and get reserve and prepay it for him, or buy it if it’s already out. You could go for Shadow of the ColossusFar Cry 5 or Monster Hunter. It’s up to you and your budget, but those will make your geek happy. (Trust me on that one, I’ve got that guy sitting on the sofa, controller in hand right now!)

nintendo switch games

The Foodie

This man cooks, and he cooks heavenly. Or maybe he just likes to eat. Either way, there are many you can make him happy when it comes to the kitchen. I would either go for the cookbook, such as Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking, ease but efficient, or I would tickle his feelings and reserve a gastronomic meal for the 2 of you. That sounds like a lovely date too.

The Tech Freak

Most men like to have a look at the latest electronic trends, and the one I find funny and actually interesting is the Virtual Reality Glasses. My boyfriend got nauseous from it, but I know for a fact most guys actually enjoy playing with those. I definitely loved it… Also, you could go all out and get a projector for their house, or if that’s out of your budget, maybe a mobile phone projector would work too!

video projector for mobile phones

The Fit Guy

For the man that loves to go to the gym, I found something I would definitely like to buy my own boyfriend. This is the Power Press Push Up. You can just plug the handles in the holes on the board, to change the difficulty and muscles you want to work. I adore that idea, and I’m pretty sure your fitness lover will too. If you’re sure of your man’s tastes in shoe shapes and colours (and his shoe size too!), then I would recommend getting him a new pair of trainers. We love Reebok’s Crossfit Training Shoes in our household.

crossfit trainers sneakers shoes reebok

The Traveler

That’s a guy that would be happy with pretty much anything, and I loved looking for gift ideas for him. I think he’s the easiest to buy for. Some of my favourite presents are the legendary Scratch Off World Map. It’s such a modern, useful and pretty present. I can’t even start to imagine the satisfaction you get when you scratch more and more off that map. I love that idea. If your budget allows it, you should definitely spend it in a city trip for 2, over a long weekend maybe. Or you could just get Tinggly’s Best in the World Gift Box which will give you so many options to choose from. Do you fancy a Jazz Cruise in New Orleans, an air boat safari ride on St. John’s river, or maybe a Worthington Glacier hike in Alaska? They’ve got you covered, and their prices are so competitive.

scratch fun world map

The Intellectual

Does he love to read? Go to museums? Learn new things? You’ve got him covered. If he loves to read, I would totally get some reinvented classics. Penguin decided to revamp some of the best classics’ covers. One of my favourite is this Charles Dickens Bookset which includes Oliver Twist, but you can find Jane Austen, Victor Hugo and many more. Those hardcover versions are precious for a book lover. Another idea is to sign him up for a class that will interest him, such as sign language, or a foreign one, a first-aid course, the possibilities are endless, and there’s always gonna be something our intellectual will love to learn.

charles dickens bookset hardcover penguin

The Daddy

He’s a great father to your kid(s), on top of being an amazing boyfriend/fiancé/husband. He deserves the best, and we all know that being a parent isn’t the easiest job. But once the kids are in bed, putting on a comfy robe and slippers is the best feeling, after a long day. There are many nice sets out there, and they fit any kind of budget too!  If he’s into it, you could also think of a spa day, or a massage. Something that would allow him to relax, and not worry about anything for a few hours would be well appreciated.

daddy set robe sleepwear slipper home

And for everyone else…

I get it, they don’t all fit in these categories, they don’t all like what I listed. No problem, there are tons of presents that would make a man happy anyway. And you know it, the thought of giving a present is what counts. The gesture is what makes them happy too. So a watch or a wallet could be great presents, as they never have enough of those. Men beauty products can be greatly appreciated as well, and who doesn’t like to have an excuse to shop for those? I know I do! Or book a little getaway for the two of you, this can’t ever be a fail. But maybe you feel a bit crafty, and can create some love coupons. There are tons of examples and ideas on the web, so my advice is to just take it to Pinterest. It always helps when I need inspiration.

This gift guide has hopefully helped you find some ideas to spoil your partner. Let me know some of your own ideas, and let me know what are your plans for Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ll have an amazing time!

Lots of love,

Camille. xxx



  1. February 4, 2018 / 7:01 PM

    Although my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, your gift ideas can be used for our wedding anniversary or his birthday. Thanks for this useful and informative post!

    • Camille
      February 4, 2018 / 7:13 PM

      Yeah, it can work for many occasions! Thanks for the support! 😊

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